Tracey worked with me on my cravings for chocolate and sweets, which I had for many years after I stopped smoking.  It was amazing! As soon as I had the session with her I did not feel like eating sweets at all and stuck to this for a long time.  I lost a stone in weight and most of it came off my middle, which is where I wanted it to come off.  I never thought that I would not be able to stop having my daily chocolate ‘treats’, but I did! And it was no problem at all, I just stopped wanting chocolate and sweets as soon as I had the session.  

I had not experienced hypnosis before this, but found it really enjoyable and relaxing, nothing to worry about at all – it was really pleasant.  I would definitely recommend a session with Tracey, it really works!

Sylvia, Runcorn

Tracey has been working with me on weight loss and cravings and I can’t recommend her enough!  She gives very personalised support and encouragement and I am making good progress towards my goal, which is to lose my baby weight.  We have worked on my cravings for crisps and helping me to make healthy food choices (she is also a Personal Trainer and so has been able to offer guidance on healthy eating).  I feel very positive about the changes I am making and am noticing that I am preferring fresher, non-processed foods and am feeling a lot better for it.  As a result of our sessions I have found my enthusiasm to rejoin the gym and lose weight seriously.  I have about 4 stones of weight that I want to lose by my birthday in September and with Tracey’s help I know I can do it.  My confidence and motivation have improved massively and I am really enjoying the process of losing weight and becoming fitter.  

Michelle, Widnes

I had one session with Tracey to stop smoking, and I did! Straight away!! Brilliant, thanks.

Paul, Ashton Under Lyne

Weight Loss and Nutrition Management

This client wanted to lose weight and start exercising. 

As well as performing Hypnotherapy sessions, and because I am a qualified Personal Trainer, I was able to give him advice on caloric intake and macronutrient (proteins/carbs/fat) balance for weight loss.  He lost 6lbs and 3 inches from his waist in the first 10 days.

“I went for a weight loss program having never done anything like it before. I was impressed by how good it was and the confidence it gives you to achieve your goals. Would recommend for anything you need help with.”  P. B.

Cravings and Weight Loss

With this client, we worked on her craving for sweets.

I would highly recommend this lady to anyone. I contacted Tracey and from the minute I met her I felt at ease. I have never experienced hypnotherapy before but Tracey explained everything to me and made me feel so comfortable. I feel like since having my session it has changed my way of thinking which is a positive for me and I hope it continues. Definitely recommend. Tracey is really lovely and I can’t say thank you enough to her. H.C.

This client had a craving for crisps!

I came to Tracey to deal with my crisp craving which made me gain a fair bit of weight.
I’ve had 1 session with Tracey and already feel alot of difference! I go to the crisp draw now and close it instead of getting a packet out!
I have lost 5lb over christmas, which I feel is down to Tracey and her brilliant work!  S.G.

Sleep Issues

This client had long term sleep issues that were caused by traumatic events in her life.

I had my first hypnotherapy session yesterday with Tracey. From first contacting Tracey I felt as ease and i explained my issues with my sleep/anxiety as a result of traumatic events in the past year, she then developed my first session accustomed to this and myself as an individual.

On arriving I felt so comfortable and at ease. The season was incredible, I have never experienced being hypnotized before and it was a brilliant experience. It was like an out of body experience where your mind is so focused on being the ‘You’ that you can be. This session brought me clarity to my thoughts, worries and stresses I have been experiencing and for the first time in months I slept for over 8 hours with no issues! I am looking forward to my next session. Highly recommended!  L.C.

Anxiety and Stage Nerves

This client is now just about to do a one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has starred in his own show at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

As a professional actor, and long term anxiety sufferer, I have been held back my entire career by debilitating nerves and stage fright. Luckily I heard about Tracey and found the sessions with her allowed me to finally relax and enjoy my stage performances. These sessions also helped me with my ability to memorise and retain long dialogue pieces due to my being able to focus on those rather than feelings of anxiety. The sessions with Tracey have enabled me to finally get on in my career. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone from any walk of life wishing to move on with their life and achieve their goals. M.L.

Past Life Regression

This client regressed to a past life in France around 150 years ago.

Fabulous experience at Halton hypnotherapy last night. Was regressed by Tracey. Have to admit was slightly nervous at first but she soon put me at ease and I felt I known her forever. Was amazing to find out about my previous lives and I would recommend Tracy to anyone wanting to explore their past existences. An added extra was also that I left feeling totally relaxed and slept soundly last night. Highly recommend Halton Hypnotherapy to everyone. T.K.