Reduction in Stress, Anxiety and Tension with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with Stress, Anxiety and Tension

At some time or other in our lives, most of us will experience stress, anxiety or tension. These can be in normal life experiences such as having your driving test, public speaking or at a job interview. Anxiety, stress and tension may also occur at other, more low key times in our lives when we might worry about how people may see or perceive us, worry about anything and everything going on in our lives or we may feel uncomfortable in social situations of any kind. For some of us, there are also times when we feel stressed, anxious or tense for no apparent reason. Some of us may have panic attacks or feel overwhelmed. The overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress sometimes just happen to us and we are often unable to understand why and find it difficult or impossible to get these feelings under control.

These experiences can be different for everyone, one person’s anxiety level in a situation can be high and the person stood next to them can feel calm and relaxed; it is a very individual experience. Anxiety and stress can be fuelled by intrusive negative thoughts, making the feelings worsen. There can be other physical symptoms such as nail biting or skin conditions such as psoriasis which are affected by stress.

The stress response which results in feelings of anxiety, stress, tension and panic are related to very normal and natural functions of the brain and mind that are oversensitive to external and sometimes internal stimuli. I will help you to understand why this happens to you, demystifying what is actually going on in your brain, how it affects the mind and body and then helping you to experience deep relaxation, which for some sufferers can be a rare and welcome experience. You will then learn from me techniques to be able to manage your stress and anxiety and to be able to relax whenever you need to.

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