Hypnotherapy can help with insomnia

Improved Sleep with Hypnotherapy

Waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep is something we all do from time to time, but for some of us this can become a regular, and debilitating experience. Getting a good nights sleep is essential to being able to function well the next day and the positive benefits of a regular, sustained and deep sleep pattern are many – reduced fatigue, less irritability and generally feeling better and more cheerful, able to deal well with life with a positive attitude.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping you to develop good sleep depth and regularity. We will also look at your habits around sleep – when you get to bed, what you do before you get to bed and how you deal with worrying issues that may have affected your sleep patterns. Together we will develop a bedtime routine that supports good sleep and helps you manage intrusive worry.

Additionally, after your initial consultation, and as part of the therapy, you will be sent an individualised sleep hypnosis sound file that you can listen to on your mobile phone every night as you drop off to sleep, helping you to develop a regular sleep pattern over the coming weeks and months.

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